Superhero Fitness is a super awesome gym in Felixstowe!

We have created a COMMUNITY, a FRIENDLY environment, an approach that makes EVERYONE feel welcome and at home as part of the Superhero FAMILY.

We offer excellent services such as various gym memberships, amazing fitness classes, Felixstowe bootcamps and personal training.

Our passion is TO HELP every member PROGRESS.

No matter what size, where you are from, what level of fitness you are at or your current physical or mental state, we are here to help you become your own superhero.

We have expert coaches to help you GET RESULTS

Your GOALS, are our goals.

Our facility includes a wide range of fitness equipment as well as shower/changing rooms, FREE car parking and a great outdoor area for workouts!

“Thanks Liam, I’m really chuffed with my results. I’ve really enjoyed the last 6 weeks. You’ve certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, as whilst weight training wasn’t completely new to me, it’s been great to get my form right. You’re a great instructor with a lot of patience and very thorough in your instruction. Will definitely sign up for something again in the future.” Sue also adds…. “Can’t praise Superhero Fitness enough. Feel so good about myself after 6 weeks. This course was 2 hours a week alongside sensible eating and still drinking at weekends too! Anyone wanting to give weights a go Liam Hunn is your man.”
Sue - Strength programme member
I’ve been a gym goer on and off for over 10yrs and this one is SUPERB! 3 spacious individual rooms for cardio, weights and functional plus outdoor strength equipment and boxing. I walk in and end up crawling out half dead! So glad you guys decided to open up.
Dan M
“ I can’t thank Liam enough for his Speed Program. I enrolled on this 12 session course not really knowing what to expect – I just wanted to run faster! I had a marathon coming up which was playing on my mind but this program gave me the confidence to run it and I entered the marathon from a totally different place mentally and physically to last time and I knocked 30 minutes off my time! I think that can be wholly down to the time and patience of Liam and the Speed Program! Get yourself on that course! “
Sarah - Speed Programme
This is a fantastic gym, the classes are brilliant. Liam works hard to create different circuits and content for every session and this really helps me to engage. He is highly motivated and fosters that in others. The atmosphere he and his wife have created is one that’s friendly and welcoming. If you haven’t visited, then you really should
Rachel T
Ive been a gym goer for 12 years on and off… And I’ve always hated it with a Passion but always forced myself because I have an insane love for food. And then superhero fitness came along… I gave it a try and I absolutely !!LOVE!! Coming to the gym, ive found this new love for their cross fit style training and I am addicted. The atmosphere here is amazing, such a warm welcoming friendly vibe not just from liam, Lucy and Dev but all the members too. I feel like I’ve easily slotted in to a proper little gym family. The personal trainers know their stuff, and are never too busy to give you their advice and time. 100% no other gym can compare!! I highly recommend you come and see for yourself
Zoey F