What people say…

I joined superhero fitness in the April after it first opened, I’m not a confident person and always have been intimidated with larger gyms, since my local boxing class had finished which seemed to be the only thing I had found I enjoyed at the time I needed to find somewhere to restart the boxing that was local and I felt comfortable…I started just doing the boxing classes which were great, friendly and met some great people and moved on as I felt more comfortable trying out other classes. For someone who was always worried about how unfit I was I was eased into it gently and as time went on tried other classes which were all equally as good, my fitness has improved considerably , my confidence in the gym has followed, I have the gym and class memberships and take advantage of both, I now feel competant enough to do a work out that has been set up for me to work on the areas I wanted to improve on and now it’s a regular part of my life, with the friendly atmosphere and the new groups of friends I have made there I can say it’s the best gym I have ever been part of. The staff/trainers are always there to help with improving on things and answer any questions I have and I would highly recommend superhero fitness to anyone especially if you lack the confidence and self belief like I did, it has made a difference to my way of thinking I no longer hate exercise or feel intimidated within the fitness environment…long may it continue
Sarah - Gym and classes member
“ I can’t thank Liam enough for his Speed Program. I enrolled on this 12 session course not really knowing what to expect – I just wanted to run faster! I had a marathon coming up which was playing on my mind but this program gave me the confidence to run it and I entered the marathon from a totally different place mentally and physically to last time and I knocked 30 minutes off my time! I think that can be wholly down to the time and patience of Liam and the Speed Program! Get yourself on that course! “
Sarah - Speed Programme
“Thanks Liam, I’m really chuffed with my results. I’ve really enjoyed the last 6 weeks. You’ve certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, as whilst weight training wasn’t completely new to me, it’s been great to get my form right. You’re a great instructor with a lot of patience and very thorough in your instruction. Will definitely sign up for something again in the future.” Sue also adds…. “Can’t praise Superhero Fitness enough. Feel so good about myself after 6 weeks. This course was 2 hours a week alongside sensible eating and still drinking at weekends too! Anyone wanting to give weights a go Liam Hunn is your man.”
Sue - Strength programme
I met Liam (gym owner) a number of years ago through a bootcamp he used to run. Before this I hated any type of exercise and would rather be at home on my sofa eating takeaway. Some how this man has changed my life! The boot camps were fun and at times would come to my home in his free time and give me PT sessions. No ask was to big and was willing to help, always. The gym he has created is not only a gym but a fun social place to be! He introduces everybody and everyone helps eachother out and always chats so it’s like a big family, group of friends! He has somehow managed to change me from a sofa slob to an exercise fan. The thing is like the most and find most helpful is the support you get from this man, he finds out what your goal is and makes sure you reach it. It’s almost like your goal turns into his, and is always happy to offer support whether it’s in or out of your session. I would never go anywhere else or use someone else. If you wanna get fit, lose weight or just get some exercise in your life I can guarantee this is the man to help!
Vicky - Gym and classes
Thanks to Liam Hunn PT and Kered Perrement for a fantastic 2018 superhero experience.. Loved every minute of it( in a crazy sweaty kinda way!) Have got fitter and stronger with the help of fantastic coach’s surrounded by like minded people with the bonus of making new friends. Roll on 2019. Superhero fitness rocks 😚 x
This is a fantastic gym, the classes are brilliant. Liam works hard to create different circuits and content for every session and this really helps me to engage. He is highly motivated and fosters that in others. The atmosphere he and his wife have created is one that’s friendly and welcoming. If you haven’t visited, then you really should
Rachel - Gym and classes
After 16 years at the same gym I was ready for a change. Liam gave me a warm welcome to this great gym. Fab PT session adding variety to my workouts. Tried a variety of classes, all brilliant and met every expectation and need, no judgement and loads of encouragement. Tweaking techniques as necessary, as there is always room for improvement! Also met some lovely fellow Superhero members. Genuinely like a big happy family �
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ….. Liam is a FANTASTIC TRAINER and MOTIVATOR… I love it so much I am even getting my kids to join ����
What a fabulous place! No mirrors, no gym bunnies just genuine friendly staff & members, of all abilities, working hard & enjoying it. Liam is a great pt & knows exactly how to get the best out of you, he’s clearly worked very hard to develop an extremely well considered establishment, content & timetable. I can highly recommend both the ABSolute core & Boxfit classes AND there are Youngstar classes for my teenager & anotger after school so I can fit in a 30 min workout with my younger daughter, Brilliant!!