Outdoor Bootcamp returning this summer!!!

Super Felixstowe Bootcamp 100% guarantees results!

We have a morning and evening bootcamp running every month for 4 weeks which includes….

– 20 Fitness sessions (AM + PM sessions)
– Super healthy nutritional guide and information
– Super healthy recipes
– Group chat for support and banter amongst the ‘bootcampers’!
– Email/ phone support from your instructor(s)

If you attend this course and follow the nutritional guide then you will achieve amazing results!

You are guaranteed to drop at least a dress/jean size and feel much more healthier, so sign up today!

At the start of the course there is the option to take body measurements which you can do yourself at home or come in to Superhero Fitness where we carry out your measurements. The same applies to at the end of the course to see what you have achieved. If you are already in relatively good shape you will stil feel the many benefits of the bootcamp course which are listed on our nutritional guide (eg. increased general fitness, better sleep, better sex life, etc).

The main thing to remember is that our bootcamp is for everybody and can be adapted for each individual so don’t feel worried or concerned as we create a team bonding atmosphere where we support one another.

The fitness sessions themselves are excellently designed and planned to be fun and effective as many people have been surprised how much they have enjoyed it believing that they couldn’t possibly believe they could enjoy exercise that much.

I plan sessions with a theme which has been very popular and other bootcamps around Suffolk have used my sessions within their business. So whether you are turning up to participate in ‘Wacky Races’, ‘HiiT the Movies’, ‘Super Fitness Monopoly’ or ‘Flipping Tyred of Forrest Gump’ you will love them I’m sure. You will at least laugh once during the session….. or maybe after the session!

Super Felixstowe Bootcamp is waiting for you to sign up.


Sign up early (1 week in advance) to get £5 off


Sessions with Liam are hard work, effective but fun (sort of) at the same time. He is encouraging but doesn’t let you give up. I have been at my fittest in the period I did bootcamp with him.
Julie C
Liams bootcamp always keeps you motivated and he always encourages you to push yourself that extra mile. You always feel great at the end of the sessions.
Liams bootcamp is the best way to get fit as he motivates and encourages you at the same time as pushing you further than you perhaps wanted to go but you do not even realise he is doing it! Great at getting the best out of everyone with only yourself to blame if it does not work for you
Liam makes your fat cry and wobbly bits smaller!
Never feel motivated at a gym but working together as a group at bootcamp with everyone encouraging each other is fantastic!
Julie M