Liam ‘Hunny’ Hunn

Owner / Advanced Personal Trainer

Liam graduated from university in 2008 with a Sports Science degree and went on to further study in advanced personal training to apply his knowledge and passion.

Nearly 10 years later after working at commercial and independent gyms and at a private hospital, he has built Superhero Fitness where he aims to pass on his philosophy to everyone which is to make exercise fun and effective whilst training for optimal human functional movements for a prolonged and healthy life.

Liam loves all aspects of fitness hence him incorporating all types within his training, one reason for him creating ‘SuperFHiiT’. He also loves to travel and enjoys playing football.

Lucy ‘Super Wife’ Hunn

Co-owner / Reception

Lucy is an Assistant psychologist and currently works in inpatient mental health. However, when she’s not at her day job you’ll see her in the gym on reception and attempting to be co-ordinated in the odd boxing class.

Lucy likes exercise to be as fun as possible and strives to live an all-round healthy lifestyle, hence the clean eating Instagram spam. After all………. when you have a personal trainer as a husband you’ve got to make some effort!

Natasha Plummer

Super Trainer

Tash helps out on reception and runs classes as she recently qualified with her level 2 fitness qualification. She is exremely helpful, friendly and approachable and is a super part of our team.

She is very well organised and reliable so she will ever let you down. Tash has gained great knowledge and continues to add to her knowledge and experience and we can only see great things in the future to come!

Tash has gone through a fantastic transformation herself within her lifestyle and trains regularly keeping fit and well in shape.

Matt Burt

Super Trainer

Matt helps out here when possible as he runs Felixstowe Foot Care but his love and experience within the fitness industry continues to live on as he has many years of experience.

Matt is an excellent trainer and runs super fitness classes and is a man of great knowledge and represents the perfect trainer we love to have here at Superhero Fitness. Not only great at what he does but a very approachable human being and friendly guy who will certainly get the best out of you.

Kered Perrement

Super Trainer

Kered is a fully qualified personal trainer and you will regularly see him on reception and around the gym as well as delivering some of our super classes and bootcamp.

Despite is young tender age his knowledge is beyond his years and really does his homework and will assist you to help exercise correctly and effectively to aid you in achieving your goals.

Kered is very friendly and likes to dabble in stand-up comedy so has a great sense of humour, but that doesnt make him funny unfortunately for him! 😉