Take Action Programme (case study)

This blog will be tracking one of our Super Action Heroes by taking you through our journey together!

Louis Elliston has decided to put himself onto the ‘Take Action programme’ where I will be with him every step of the way to advise, support him into making positive changes.

Louis came into the gym yesterday (Thursday 7th September) to discuss how we were going to move forward together. I have known Louis for years and he has previously done Felixstowe bootcamp with us. Louis has been away from exercise and eating ‘not as well’ in the last 3-4 months. During this time, Louis has been very busy with work as he is fully booked up until next year now with jobs as a painter and decorator.  He has recently moved into a new house and has a 7 year old son (Leighton) and a wife (Rebecca) who is now 6 months pregnant. He is also involved with running his sons football team. All of these factors being barriers as time doesn’t come easy for him. It does make excuses very easy to come by however, but… Liam Hunn believes there is always a way of living a healthy lifestyle! So this is where I come in to help!  

Well-structured planning and being committed is very under-rated. Louis is not one to make excuses as he will happily admit he should make more effort, therefore this is where I come in to help. But I hear and see so many people use any excuse to not exercise or eat healthier. Unfortunately, using these excuses only results in physical and mental health deterioration.

We sat down to discuss a plan and work around his lifestyle and commitments to show him that he can make time and change bad habits into more positive ones. I spoke with Louis about the best methods of how to go about reaching his goal of dropping weight by decreasing his body fat percentage and then we discussed what was achievable for him. We altered a couple of things so that he can incorporate changes into his lifestyle because my aim is to make changes so that after these 4 weeks with me the person (Louis in this case) can follow this into their regular lifestyle.

I recorded body measurements for Louis and he was happy for me to take a photo also. I went and filled out these in his new personal training booklet and an individual exercise plan for the next week as well as a nutrition plan.

Now we don’t know how the results will turn out or whether Louis will stick with the changes, but if he doesn’t then it will be my job to work hard to change his route and find ways to make changes that he can stick to. So…. see how Louis fairs for the next 28 days….!

Day 1 (Friday 8th September) – Louis received a WhatsApp message to remind him of attending our SuperFHiiT class at lunchtime today! A positive response with a photo of his chicken and rice that he was eating at work for his lunch came back to me! Louis attended our 45 minutes SuperFHiiT class and worked well. High-intense-interval training is a great method for burning body fat and he went back to work without any major issues, but he definitely felt he had a strenuous and effective workout. During our discussion the day before, Louis was very happy to try intermittent fasting starting from 1800 up until 1000 Saturday morning. Now this method may be difficult to many but Louis felt this was quite easy for him so we will see how he gets on! By not eating during this time of 16 hours the body will start burning fat for him to use as fuel. This enables Louis to still eat normally after this. I only agreed for Louis to do this for the first day to see how he copes then we shall speak about it.

Day 2 (Saturday) – Last night Louis worked later than expected therefore ate after 1800. He adjusted his intermittent fasting time from 1900 and this morning didn’t eat until 1100. He made his wife breakfast at 0830 and held out until 1130 before consuming some food. He reported to be a little hungry but felt he didn’t need anything which was great. Today was their one year of marriage anniversary so they were going to Zizzi’s for food tonight with family. Louis was talking about healthier options he could have and we selected 2 to choose from. During the day Louis played football where he felt much lighter, reporting that this enhanced his performance on the pitch. Unfortunately his team lost which put Louis in a more negative frame of mind! He said he was going to eat tonight (winky face) telling me he may well abandon his intention of choosing the healthier options!

Day 3 (Sunday)  – Louis admitted he overindulged last night but in my opinion that’s life. It was their first year anniversary and out with family so I was impressed he even had the intention of trying to eat well to be honest! During these next 28 days he wont be having an anniversary very often! Good signs this morning as a photo of his pouched eggs were sent to me….. back in the game! I recommended at least a 30 minute brisk walk with his dog or gentle jog today as his recovery. He agreed and reported that he was working in his bedroom today and eating healthy (hopefully following the nutritional foods as suggested). 

Day 4 (Monday) – Part of Louis individual exercise plan was to do 30-45 minutes of cardio and we planned for him to come into the gym to do this. I received a phone call this morning asking if he still had to do this as he just agreed to play 5-a-side football tonight which would start at 2030. He was happy to still do it so I said yes but can lower the intensity….. which he came in and done.

Day 5 (Tuesday) – Not seen Louis today but I was informed he had his poached eggs today and for dinner went for Mexican chicken with rice. He said he had consumed plenty of fruit and fluid too. Now this is an improvement to his nutritional intake than before so we would expect to see some positive changes. If not then I may look into reducing the carbohydrates from rice and certain fruits to boost that fat burning system but we don’t need to go into that at this stage because you can still effectively burn a sufficient amount of energy compared to his intake. We had Louis down to come in for a SuperFHiiT class today but he did not because he wanted to change it into a run to work around seeing his family at a specific time. As today is his dad’s (Larry) birthday! So whilst his family have takeaway he is on the Mexican chicken and rice haha (fair play to Louis). So in the space of 3 days he has had his 1 year anniversary with his wife and his dad’s birthday! We are only on day 5! Louis will also be having a holiday away during these 28 days aswell!!! So if you are one of many who says you will take action after a certain occasion, then why?! Start incorporating some changes now, Louis is…….. trying 😉

Day 6 (Wednesday) – Louis has got into a nice little habit of having poached eggs again for breakfast. In a perfect world I would advise my variety everyday by consistently switching it up but I can’t scare him with all that and it would be too much too soon! Plus, nothings wrong with a routine, especially a good one so a good start to the day. On his exercise agenda for today was to to some cardio as he had football training tonight but he had missed a session so I messaged him to see if he was up for SuperFHiiT today at lunch time. He certainly was and came along taking on our challenges set out for the class. The class time had slightly changed to his surprise so he was going to ‘do his own thing’ which I would not let happen. I got him to start the class early and finish early so I could see his workout! I did blackmail me into doing it as well to motivate himself more so there I was doing my second workout of the day already with him and the other class participants! Louis stated he was feeling good this week and felt better so by even saying that his mental health has improved (not that he had any mental health issues) but we all like to feel happier within ourselves.

Day 7 (Thursday) – I received a WhatsApp message this morning from Louis with his food plan for the day. Already stating he had a little bit of shreddies for breakfast as its easy. Yes, true Louis, but other options are easy and planning ahead makes days ahead easier so something for him to consider. I reminded him to do his run today and maybe increase his intensity after his shreddies! A fog of guilt must of came over him as he committed himself to a gym session by following a workout set out from me instead. Louis has been fitting in his workout during his lunch break that he gives himself and is here for no longer than 45 minutes, little bit less today as he wasn’t in our class which are 45 minutes long. 

Day 8 (Friday) – Louis rang me up about 11:30 today (probably because he loves the sound of my voice) to ask what he should do. He stated he felt a little tired but he was contemplating a gym session or I said he should stick with a gentle jog or walk if his body was telling him he was not feeling up to it today. I think he was just a little tired because of being a dad to a son and a dog, busy with work etc. He was coming in anyway to do his measurements so he decided he was well up for having a workout together which took us between 20-25 minutes. Before that, Louis got measured and was delighted to discover he had lost 2kg (4.4lb) in weight, losing over 2% body fat and 1cm from his waist. He stated beforehand he didn’t care what the results were because he felt much better and lighter anyway but after seeing the results he was very chuffed (clearly playing it down beforehand). His muscle mass remained the same and quality of his tissues increased with his metabolic age going down 6 years!


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